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How to encourage your staff to keep the workplace COVID secure

How to encourage your staff to keep the workplace COVID secure

COVID has meant that changes have had to be made to make a workplace safer and a better environment to work in. With a recent change in government guidelines, more and more people will be returning to work, so you must encourage your staff to keep the workplace COVID secure. It can be difficult to broach the new guidelines with your employees, so we have put together some tips to encourage your staff to keep the workplace COVID secure.

Explain that you are all in it together

COVID affects us all in different ways, whether financial, job security, or family members’ health. By making your staff aware of this, they can feel like a team and know that it’s not just affecting them. By showing you are a unit together, you can all make a difference and everyone will be aware of the struggles you are all facing individually in these unprecedented times.

Challenge your team

Sometimes staff members need the challenge to feel more motivated. Set your team a challenge that follows the COVID guidelines, makes them aware, and promotes a COVID secure workplace. The reward can be small, like a voucher for a meal out or that they can clock off a bit early one day for example.

Educate your workforce

Mistakes are sometimes made because you haven’t been educated on the subject or realized how serious something is. Try and educate your staff about COVID and why certain things are having to happen. By educating, they will hopefully understand and be encouraged to be COVID secure.

Trust your team

Try not to check up on your team to make sure they are COVID secure. After explaining the newsystem, trust them to get it right. Trust can go a long way and make people more motivated insteadof feeling that you are checking up on them. Of course, there will be hiccups on the way, but you caniron them out as and when they happen.


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